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YES Program | 22nd Apr, 2023

Incubator Program for Small Business Owner

The YES program is a series of training programs that provide professional services for young entrepreneurs seeking to upgrade their skills and grow their brands. Trainees learn from experienced instructors specialising in human resources, finance, marketing, sales, and business setup. The program is suitable for start-up companies, retail/FMCG owners, and entrepreneurs who wish to scale their businesses.

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The training outcome matches my expectation that I can receive new core principles from a professional trainer including Sales Technical, and discussion on problem-solving to execute in the sales field.

LEANG Sokchea

MarketingTrainee of Public Training “Future Sales Leader”


The surprise that amazes me is Change Management. It is the core principle affecting daily surrounding activities that I’m sometimes unaware of. In the change management principle, the Change Culture point plays an important role in enhancing myself including my company.

CHEN Senyeu

Provincial Sales Supervisor


It is a productive class with valuable insight from a capable professional. I've received some core principles, encountered problem-solving activities, and guidance to solve problems. The main key points I remember are the flow and how to draw the flow in operation.

YIM Borik

Business Development Manager


Through the special designed course from a professional trainer, I have learned to manage my subordinates more effectively. This course brings me various leadership styles I can apply to my current organization.

Heng Sothea

HR & Admin


"It is essential for young business entrepreneurs to join this training course to improve their general knowledge in terms of Start-up businesses. It's very eye-opening, and I appreciate the passion and practical skills the coach shared with the class. I hope we can continue learning with MR Training & Jobs Center in the near future"

YRITH Boreyrak

Architect/Business Entrepreneur


I really enjoyed and appreciated the experiences of this course a lot. This course gave me a full understanding of the accounting world. It really boosted my knowledge and gave me more experience which will help me to accumulate a better job.


University Student

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